USIU-A – Does It Have the Highest Endowment Fund Among Kenyan Universities?

Since the rule of Olive Mugenda as the bad habit chancellor at Kenyatta College, apparently the College is on a vertical winding, at any rate in the event that the quantity of structures and offices at the College is a marker. The College is growing quickly both with regards to structures, offices and the quantity of understudies. The admission for Kenyatta College is currently flooding ahead that of the College of Nairobi (UON).

Since for a lot of its presence the College has احسن جامعه فى مصر chiefly been related with offering instruction and different expressions related degree courses, apparently the College is resolved to shedding this picture quick. At some point back, when somebody let you know that he was a KU understudy, you would consequently expect that they were instruction or expressions major. There was likewise an exceptionally regrettable discernment that the understudies had an excess of free time and in certain quarters it was reputed that a few understudies just had a couple of long stretches of classes each week. Some secondary school understudies never applied to the College on account of this discernment. As was common of those days, the women at KU used to favor the northern neighbor folks (JKUAT) to their folks basically on the grounds that it was imagined that they were extreme and more brilliant than their male partners in KU. Notwithstanding, with the presentation of numerous specialized courses at KU, this generalization doesn’t stand up to anything any longer. Without a doubt, there are as yet numerous expressions courses, yet so are the science and human sciences courses.

Be that as it may, even as the College grows, it should not neglect to likewise consider its understudies. In deed matters overdid it last year, when the College understudies took to the streets setting it up on blazes, tainting the picture of the College and the bad habit chancellor. It will be fascinating to watch which College at last arises the victor in the fight for understudy numbers.